My name is Kali and I live in the beautiful county of Herefordshire with my incredible husband to be Kyle and our two gorgeous daughters, Nola and Phoebe – not forgetting our lively springer spaniel, Mulberry. Kyle works as an estimator for a large company and I work with children who have mental health and behavioural issues.

Being active is a big part of our lives, we enjoy getting stuck into exciting new adventures from camping down the Gower to stage plays in London, you name it we will try it. We both work full time so weekends are forever busy and if we aren’t socialising with friends or family, we are getting our hands dirty tackling our house renovation project (or I’m shopping for interior items we, REALLY NEED). Our girls come first of course and we work around them, to ensure they have the happiest childhood we can offer.

Our house is our pride and joy, We’ve worked extremely hard to make it into the happy sanctuary that it is and I enjoy nothing more than purchasing beautiful items to compliment every nock and cranny.


We purchased 92 in January 2018, the house was very dated, horrendously decorated and sadly neglected. We saw an opportunity to completely renovate it, so took the plunge into creating a lovely first family home for our girls. We moved out of our rented accommodation in November 2017 and back in with my parents whilst everything was processing, it was a big risk (especially as I was 8 months pregnant) but it all payed off in the end. Once we got the keys we honestly thought we could get everything done in 6 weeks (haha) but little did we know, we’d still be living with my parents at Easter!!!

We are now living in the house and slowly decorating each room at a time. If you are interested in interior and lifestyle, Give me a follow!


After months of taking photos of our journey, a friend of mine asked me ‘why don’t you showcase what you’ve done with other people in similar predicaments?’. She had always encouraged me to set up an interior instagram but I always thought she was silly and kind of brushed her off (bless her). So, when she mentioned it for the 100th time, I decided to take her advice and take the plunge. So, here I am, plunging away, hoping people enjoy my style!


Why not I ask? (only joking) Reading my blog can benefit you, I am a serious bargain hunter, DIYer and interior styler. You’ll get so brilliant tips on transforming spaces, understanding how colour choices work and how styling can change EVERYTHING (it’s a big deal if you’re selling a house). But honestly, this blog is a bit of fun to showcase my love for interior design, our renovation and our family life, if you learn something along the way then thats a bonus for us!

Please get in touch if you have any questions, tips or tricks (every little helps).





2 thoughts on “OUR STORY

  1. I absolutely love your Instagram and have already got so much inspiration and serious house envy! Who wouldn’t? You’re house is gorgeous!
    Excited to follow this blog and see what other lifestyle posts come along as I’m also gluten free and passionate about mental health too! 💖
    I’m so pleased you took your friends advice… plunging into the unknown can be scary but sometimes these special and beautiful gifts are born! X


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