Before, our kitchen was old, dated and really quite small (not to mention grubby). It had far to many wall cabinets,  the space felt small and crowded and the kitchen was an old cheap one from B&Q not to mention the horrific wallpaper on the wall. Adjoining the kitchen was a large conservatory space connected via bulky PVC door, the space had potential but it was cold and pretty grim.

The Kitchen


The Kitchen Cupboards


The Wallpaper


The Doors


The Conservatory 


Initially, our vision was to replace the whole lot… but lets just be real for a second and highlight that money doesn’t grow on trees and we are not one of those insta homes that has an endless pot. So we decided to be realistic and work with what we had. We decided to use the space that already exsited and extend into the large conservatory area at the rear of the house.

We didn’t really do much planning and got to work straight away, I was 8 months pregnant and very set on what I wanted, (my poor man) so sitting down over a cup of tea and discussing everything wasn’t really an option (We’d also had some scares of pre term labour, so you can only imagine how I was feeling). Anyway, We moved in with my parents and started the renovation project.


Seeing everything being ripped out was such an exciting feeling, I almost felt like i could touch the vision I had created in my head (and on pinterest). Kyle worked so hard to get everything out and he spent hours working at the house in the first few weeks. He managed to rip out the entire kitchen in one day (man on a mission). And I wasn’t being lazy, I was at home looking after our beautiful new baby girl Phoebe.


This Women is a saint, she fed us, cared for us and worked her rocking socks off for the entire time we were renovating. Who could ask for a better Mum?!

DC2558EA-274B-48BA-A3DF-25475811072A8e33127b-0021-47fd-b890-f7f7a47f8f711b1aaad6-6905-4896-a310-ed272e9ebc1c 2IMG_0658697b0dbe-7714-4d86-aed4-d92a8baa8aa9

The renovation took us roughly 5 months to complete (our goal was 2, haha). Not everything was a straight forward as we had hoped for but in the grand scheme of things  I think we got of pretty lightly.

Here are the final results, bar the kitchen window, which we hadn’t really thought about taking out until the very end; Which is probably due to that planning chat we avoided but hey we’re both still alive.

Open Planning Living




Hope you enjoyed reading about our journey and all the accompanying pictures Xx

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