I think we all long for the perfect family table, right? Or is that just me?! Forever, I have been dreaming about my little family, sat around a large table, in our open plan living space. A table that is not only functional for family events but also for everyday life (lets face it, we do the kids homework here after all). However, after completing a renovation project, money isn’t exactly falling out of our pockets. I had spent months trawling the internet, carboot sites, local reclamation yards and so on for a large table that wasn’t ridiculously expensive but yet, every table I found was well over the £700 mark. Although to some, that might not seem like such a stretch, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that amount of money when others things that still needed to be done. So, I popped my thinking cap on and thought to myself, I wonder if Kyle (my very talented, ex carpenter hubby to be) could make one?!.

And after some begging and deliberating, he say yes!!!


Now, although I had been dreaming about it, we needed a table that would comfortably fit 8 people at a push 10, that didn’t take over our open plan space and went with our existing decor! Not much to ask for right? I had an idea of how I wanted the table to look, so I put Kyle to work on creating the design. ( Basic concept below )


Like I said before we didn’t want this to cost an arm and a leg so, off we popped to B & Q to see what materials we could use. For the table top we opted for scaffold boards 220mm x 35mm (x5) not only were these cheap and sturdy, they were also a great size. For the legs we used 100mm x 75mm (x8) of construction timber and for the braces we used the same but 75mm x 45mm (x2).

To start, Kyle cut of both ends of the scaffold board, he did this using a chop saw. Kyle then hand plained and sanded each board until they where smooth. Once smooth, Kyle attached the boards together using 3 pieces of 100mm x 15mm left over oak that we had.


Now that the table top was secure, Kyle sanded it a little more to make sure it was extra smooth (because I was being fussy).

It was then time to paint!

The flooring in our open plan living area is ‘light oak’ so we decided to use Ronseal interior varnish in ‘dark oak’ to add a slight contrast in the colours. I was very nervous about this but I trusted Kyle’s judgement (he has worked with wood for years after all).


and the result after 3 coats and a few drying hours was, beautiful.


On to the legs, each leg length was cut at 10 degrees top and bottom to create the ‘A’ shape. We wanted the table height to be around 30 inches which tends to be the standard height of tables. The horizontal bar is 200mm from the bottom of the legs and although not seen in this picture, there is a parallel bar for the top. (I was so snap happy but i missed a pic)


Once both legs were made, Kyle positioned the legs on the table top 250mm from the edge and centralised them. He then created a bar to span the length of in-between the legs, this acts as a support bar. Once the support bar was attached, he created some braces, Kyle did this by cutting two identical piece of wood at a 45 degree angel one end and two 45 degree cuts at the other end, this allowed the brace to sit at a 90 degree angel between the ‘A’ frame and the table top.



Please excuse the weeds, our garden is being neglected at the moment.

Once the table frame was completed it was time to paint. I wanted to integrate some blue tones into our dinning space, so I tested out three different colours from farrow and ball. From front to back we have, Hague Blue, Plummet & Railings.

Our initial choice was ‘Hague Blue’ but when it dried it just wasn’t the right contrast against the oak top, so we ended up painting the frame in ‘Railings’.



He does work hard, bless him.


Two coats later and the frame was ready to add the top. To fix the top, Kyle used a series of screw (75mm) through the top of the ‘A’ frames and the top of the braces.

After 2 days of working hard (and bossing Kyle about) our new dining table was finished.



Now i’m sure everyone would love to know the cost and guest what, I’m willing to share, this table and bench cost us… £156 to make (take out the labour, I paid him in coffee). Now thats a bargain if you ask me, for a custom made table, that fits perfectly in our space and sits 8 comfortably.

and yes that price does include the paint!!!

Now all I need to complete this dining table is, my new chairs.



Thanks for reading & Please get in contact if you have any questions.


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