A Simply-Peachy Christmas.

When Alice from Peaches-Wellbeing asked me if she could film her Christmas advert at our house this year, I nearly fell over with excitement. (I mean, who doesn’t want to decorate their house all christmassy and take beautiful photos?). Having known Alice for years and having supported her business from the beginning, I was more than happy to open up the doors to 92, in hope that together, we could create something magical.


Now, although I am a total interior addict & spend 80% of my money on interior items, we needed a little bit of help. So, we teamed up with the beautiful ladies at Camperdown Lane in Herefordshire to add just the right amount of festive cheer. I have personally always been a fan of their interior items and knew that their Christmas decor would compliment my home and the existing pieces that I had.

For instance this beautiful Ivory Fleeced Reindeer adds a unique twist to the table setting without overpowering the intertwined holly or the stunning Marble Coasters from Blonde & Stone. The Zinc Star Candleholder is understated enough, to sit quietly amongst the other items, yet, adds its own unique element to the table setting and at £4 you really can’t go wrong.


Now, as Alice’s business, Peaches Wellbeing is based around a holistic and intuitive approach to healing and self care. It was important that the atmosphere we created and captured reflected her mantra that, having a balanced mind, body and soul can create a happier, healthier, you.

We achieve this by using soft colours such as greys, blues and whites and incorporating lots of natural elements such as the Eucalyptus, Leylandii, and obviously the Christmas tree ( which was actually faux but extremely realistic).

Fortunately, 92 is decorated in quite calming colours anyway, so we only had to add a few elements to set the scene. For Example, Alice placed Leylandii on the top of the Peaches wellbeing table gifts to accentuate the boxes.


The whole table came together beautifully and as an interior lover, I am a firm believer that you can mix higher end pieces with lower end items and create something elegant.

For example, above we have, The White Companies Frill top mercury tea light holder and Jamie Olivers everyday cutlery, although neither gravely expensive both are classed higher end. These are set against Dunelm charger plates which cost £1 each and Holly from The Range which cost £4.99 ( I bought two), when pieced together you wouldn’t necessarily no what was high end and what wasn’t.


Once we had finished filming adequate sequences for the table setting we moved on to the Christmas tree. This Christmas tree is absolutely amazing, it looks very realistic, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and is easily adjusted. I found it in The Range for £89 and although I loved The White Companies version, I couldn’t justify spending £199.

We decorated the tree with a number of different ornaments, my favourite three being, the small Zinc stars from Camperdown Lane, the glass baubles from M&S and the Small Grey Houses from the white company (Mine are last year).

Alice placed her simplistic Wellbeing boxes under the tree and we were able to start filming. Below are some stills from the scene.


The Light up star in the picture below is linked here. White LED 70cm Star




Not only did Alice use my home for the day she also wanted to borrow my children. Capturing these scenes was heartwarming for me as a mother but also rather challenging. We have some hilarious outtakes.

Alice’s company Peaches Wellbeing doesn’t just focus on the healing and wellbeing of adults, she is also a firm advocate for helping children. So, I was more than happy to lend her mine as on several occasions she has helped them.

she also borrowed my husband to be… ( I nearly asked if she wanted to move in, haha)


All jokes aside the family scenes we were able to capture were beautiful and as the day drew to a close and we filmed the final scenes, I truly felt we had created something magical. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos towards the end of the day, however, this makes me more excited to see the final edit of the Peaches wellbeing Christmas Advert.

We laughed a lot, cried a little and had a very merry time.

Thanks for reading.





( Just a little disclaimer, myself & Camperdown Lane were not paid to partake in this advert but did it out of the kindness of our hearts. Small businesses are wonderful things and I will continue to support them in anyway that I can).

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